Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lab No. 6 by Gaivs

After asking a random 15 people, the average answer regarding close friends came in at 3. Not one came in with 0 (perhaps the emo epidemic has truly passed?)... The single highest was 15.

Lab No. 10 by Gaivs

After asking several people, the average monetary answer turned out to be in the $100,000's, with as low as $20,000 and as high as $32,000,000.

Lab No. 4 by Gaivs

In a valiant attempt to discover the trust of the average man (or woman), I went out into the world, armed with a handydandy notepad and pencil. With my superb acting skillz and pretty face, I asked 50 random passerby - whether they were in the Pickle Jar, going to class, or having their morning coffee - if I could pretty oh pretty please borrow their cell phone for just uno secondo. It turned out that 29 of those fifty responded with a ready, "sure thing," or "yea... just don't eat up my minutes." They remaining 21 either shot back with a nasty "NO!" or, in some cases, a slightly more colourful answer. In actuality, some members of the 'no' group responded with a leeringly inquisitive "why?" which I also took as a signal of lacking trust.
Regardless, that 29 out of 50 is a solid 58%... If we take cell phones as the ultimatum of confidence in this day and age, that's a good deal more than the national average of 30% who say that people can be trusted. Fascinating indeed.

Lab #12 by Hsin-I Huang

I believe that socail networking sites is really positive effect with social capital. Facebook let us to keep in touch with friends. Facebook have a effect on socail capital because it allows you to become better friends with the people who you are not as close as others. By using Facebook websites you can also become friends with your friends' friends in turn expanding socail capital even more. Also you can still keep in touch with the friends that you are not go to the same school with them or they live really far away from you.

Lab #7 by Hsin-I Huang
Let’s go to a vacation!!!

St. Lucie, USA

Bridal Veil Falls
Standing at 620 Feet tall, the Bridal Veil Falls of the Yosemite National Park in California is seen by millions of visitors during vacation time.
Bridal Veil Falls are a popular feature in Yosemite National Park of California to visit during a vacation in the USA.
Lake Audy Sunset Riding Mountain National Park Manitoba
A vivid sunset reflects off the surface of Lake Audy in Riding Mountain National Park situated in the province of Manitoba, Canada.
Ocean Landscape Sunset Picture
The Kaikoura Peninsula features a dramatic rocky landscape which fringes the waters of the Pacific Ocean in Canterbury, New Zealand. A beautiful time to visit this area of the peninsula is at sunset.
Taipei 101, Taiwan

If you would like to have a vacation to Asia country, Taiwan is your first choose. You don’t have to spend lots of time because Taiwan is really small! Also Taiwanese people are REALLY friendly to foreigner!!!! The best thing in Taiwan is FOOD!!!! You can get any kind of food in Taiwan (Thai, Chinese, American……..we have McDonald’s too!!!!) It is really hot in the summer but really warm in the winter….. go there in the winter so you won’t get too hot!!! Taipei 101 is in Taiwan. It was the highest building in the world like few month ago, but now! There is a huge shopping mall in the 1 to 10 floor. And there is a great Chinese restaurant in the 85th floor, Which is the top of the building. If you like nature there are 9 national parks in Taiwan!!!! Those are just amazingly wonderful!!!!!

Here is the video made by Taiwanese government called TAIWAN WILL TOUCH YOUR HEART!

Lab #2 by Hsin-I Huang

I decided to do this project, because I didn't have a cell phone last year!!!!!

Day 1

The first day without cell phone is also the first when I came to the US. I didn’t really feel extremely uncomfortable….. because I didn’t know anybody here.

After a week

I have already known somebody at UNCSA but I don’t need a cell phone to call them, because we saw each other everyday.

After a month

I still really use to the life without a cell phone. But the only thing I couldn’t do is call my parents at anytime that I wanted.

After 2 month

I kind of feel like I need a cell phone, because when my friends were going out for dinner they couldn’t find me, therefore I always missed my chance to get away from school cafeteria!!! lol

After 3 month

I went to South Carolina with my teacher for a competition. And when I won the competition I really wanted to call my mom, but I didn’t have a cell phone and I was really shy to borrowed my teacher’s cell phone. But finally I went back to UNCSA and then I called my mom, but it was 5 hours after I knew that I won.

After 4 month

I was in Taiwan…………..

After 5 month

I felt like I really need a cell phone. But the cheapest plan was 30 USD a month………I don’t think I would able to use that much, otherwise I am just wasting money.

After 6 month

Not thing happened this month………. So I didn’t strongly feel I need a cell phone.

After 7 month

It was spring break…… I felt like I really need a cell phone, since everybody gone home for spring break and my best friend was in LA. I felt like I was in the jail. Also I went to NYC but I got lost……….and I didn’t have a cell phone………….it was terrible. I NEED A CELL PHONE!!!!!!!!

After 8 month

Finally!!!!!!! I got the phone!!!!!!!!!

I think cell phones to people are really important. Especially when you are lost or when you have something really important or really excited to tell people. That was the hardest time to live without a cell phone.